Your food,
on auto-pilot.

Your food made your way. No more guesswork,
great food always.
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Julia is your smart robot sous chef that cooks food for you automatically.

Get more time to do things you actually love.

How does Julia work?

There are just 4 simple steps between you and your favourite meal.


Select a recipe you’d like to eat


Chop & load the ingredients.


Tap cook


Garnish and Enjoy!
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What can this make for me?

You can choose hundreds of recipes, tweak them, or even add your own recipes.
Arrabiata Pasta
Burrito Bowl
Chicken Biriyani
Egg Fried Rice
Enchilada Rolls
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Tailored to your taste

Hate spice? Love cheese? Julia’s got you.
Customize food according to your tastes and preferences.

With Julia

Eat Healthy
Say no to frozen dinners and trashy takeouts.
Eat Fresh
Control what goes in your food, eat real food.
Eat Differently
Discover recipes from around the world, customize them, and eat something new and delicious every single day
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