Don’t you sometimes wish that dinner could cook itself?

With Julia, welcome stress-free meal times.

Put your food on autopilot, with Julia

Variety, at the tap of a button.
Discover new recipes from around the world, break the monotony, and eat something new, different, and delicious every single day.
Make each recipe your own!
Hate cheese, love spice, or prefer less oil in everything? Customize Julia to your needs.

Plus Julia learns from your tastes over time and cooks food that’s just for you.
Control what goes in your food
Say no to frozen dinners or order-ins. Choose fresh, healthy ingredients and know what exactly goes in.

How does Julia work?

There are just 4 simple steps between you and your favourite meal.


Select a recipe you’d like to eat


Chop & load the ingredients.


Tap cook


Garnish and Enjoy!
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Why the name Julia?
But.. I love to cook.
I hate chopping.