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We believe in a future in which one gets to eat fresh food, without spending enormous effort and after-work hours struggling in the kitchen — every day.

Nymble is making that possible by building Personal Cooks - Intelligent Household Kitchen Assistants that cook food, tailored to one’s taste, while one spends that time doing things that they love most. To get there, we are hiring a seasoned and entrepreneurial-minded Hardware Design Engineer.

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High-Speed PCBs

As an early Member at Nymble Labs, you will define Nymble’s engineering direction, working in close collaboration with an extremely lean, execution-minded team to scale up not just the product, but the company. You will single-handedly manage electronics hardware design at Nymble as we scale up and expand. You will grow exponentially fast, and along the way lead a talented team to make our future a reality, because successful companies are not built alone. You will start where Steve Wozniak did in 1976, and help build the first global product company of our times from India.

Your decisions will shape engineering for the entire hardware, from defining the architecture that makes it possible for one to share recipes on the cloud, through the coordination of the motor drivers that make all the magic happen, to the micro-circuitry of the camera board that drives our AI Engine. You are as comfortable reading through data sheets of specialized micro-chips as you are engineering a great product. We’d love to hear from you if:

Diversity breeds creativity and interesting conversations. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be.

Working at Nymble is exhilerating. If what we do excites you, just drop us a note at hello@nymble.in and we’ll be very glad to hear your story!

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Raghav Gupta

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