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It started when we were young. It started with pots and pans. And mayhem in the kitchen. At that point of time we didn’t realize we’ll be doing this for the rest of our lives. But here we are.

My Lego set was a spatula and a whisk. My playmates, tomatoes and pasta. With both my parents at work, an empty kitchen was the outlet for all my creativity and crazy shenanigans. I grew up loving food to its last bit and stumbling my own way to discover how it was cooked. With the result that by the time I was 10, I was helping my mother cook for family get-togethers. But growing up into a working millennial, the reality of everyday cooking was starkly different.

Let’s put it straight. It didn’t start with an Aha! Eureka! moment. It was a continual occurrence to see people struggle to cook at home after coming back from a hard day at work. Working mothers juggling between kids and a stove. College grads fresh into their jobs surviving on an unhealthy junk diet. Choices were made and habits were changed to eat out and order in.

Is this the future where we depend on takeaways for delivering us run-of-the-mill food through unreliable delivery or grind our way through the kitchen everyday to cook up something!?

We see something vastly different.

Food to us is sacred. It is something that powers our cells for our being. It is a bridge between different communities and a gateway to cultures. What greater joy there is than sharing a hearty home-cooked meal with the people we love.

Food to us is happiness. Increases when shared.

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We see a future where kitchens around the world are connected. Where you, sitting on your couch can savor the exact same food cooked by an Italian grandma in her kitchen. Where you can have your mother’s food despite being on the other side of the globe.

And we are building this future at Nymble. Our first step is a cooking device which lets you choose a recipe, load in your ingredients, cooks food according to your taste and at a time you want, so you always have your food fresh.

You get the freedom to craft new recipes, add in your secret sauces and experience the wonder of having the world literally eat out of your kitchen!

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No great product was built by an individual. It takes an awesome and a motivated team to do it. And we are building it. Now.

Come join us at Nymble. Help us cook the future!

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Rohin Malhotra

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