Team Update 1

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Building a strong motivated team has been topmost on our agenda. Getting into Nymble is a tough process with intense technical scrutiny and multiple rounds of us testing your resolve and determination. It is like getting into the Special Forces and not the regular Army.

We now have a multi-disciplinary talented unit which we are immensely proud of. These people bind us and define the direction in which we move.

Nymble is what they cohesively are.

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Kush Parekh

Kush is our Hardware Interaction Designer and is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design(RISD) possibly the world’s best design school. He has also spent time working at MIT on using Robotics to augment human capabilities. He’s a Bombay-loving Gujju and has his eyes set on the Formlabs 2 as his favorite piece of art. Setting the tone of how users interact with our product and experience magic, he carries a massive responsibility on his young shoulders.

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Tony Philips

Tony is our soft-spoken Embedded Systems engineer who won us over when he told us that if given a million $$, he would buy an Oscilloscope to strip it down and see the series of ADCs inside. Having led a team for underwater vehicles back in college, his empathetic nature and technical zeal make him an important of our team going forward. When not debugging circuits, he is found tearing down products to feast his electronic fantasies.

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Diva Chokshi

Diva is our in-house user researcher whose role is to talk to and research our target customer segment. She is a Psychology graduate from the University of Warwick who can think deeply about customer insights and translate them into actionable inputs for the rest of the team. She puts in a tremendous amount effort to find relevant people across different platforms and badgers them and does not give in until they talk to her.

Diversity breeds creativity and interesting conversations. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be.

Working at Nymble is participative and rewarding. If what we do excites you, just drop us a note at and we’ll be very glad to hear your story!

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Rohin Malhotra

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