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Reservation Perks include :
Special launch price of $1000 $700
Personalized Limited edition of the Nymble
Invite to cook along with celebrity chefs
Other early access rewards
Shipping starts November 2023 in major states of USA followed by other regions
Does not include consumables and software services; membership plan starts at $150/mo
Payment & Refunds
Payments are secured via Stripe & can be full refunded anytime. *Pre-Order fee will be adjusted against final launch price.
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Launch Details
For the first 1000 customers only.
$1500 regular price thereafter.
Personalized Limited Edition of Nymble.
Product Installation & Set up
Accessories: Pan, containers, and spice consumables - 1 set
Technical support & service
Limited Warranty
Added Membership Plan
New recipe updates every week
Complete recipe customization
Additional spice consumables
Unlimited user profiles
Special celebrity chef recipes
Meal planning
*Product has to purchased separately
Tech Specs
Total power: 1800W (110V / 15A)
Capacitive touch with multi-touch support
Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4/5 Ghz
CPU: ARM Cortex-A72 (up to 2.0 GHz)
GPU: Arm Mali-T86
Storage: 16 GB eMMC
5 megapixel camera
20.8 in
14.9 in
17.9 in
Ingredient Containers
Is it kid friendly?
We're constantly working on making our device more kid-safe and friendly. That said, our early access users have their children cook on the device by themselves and our youngest chef is all of 6 years old!
How many people can it serve at a time ?
The robot was built for families to eat healthy and fresh food every day on autopilot. Hence, one cooking session can serve up to 4 people.
Could this robot take over my kitchen someday?
That's the plan! We’re not just aiming to take over your kitchens, but also all your mealtime concerns. So sit back, relax and let us do the cooking!
Are people using this?
We have early users who are continuing to use the alpha version of the product and still cook recipes on the prototype. We’re currently rolling out a private beta version too.
Pricing & Subscriptions
Can I use the product without a subscription? What are the limitations if I do so?
Without the monthly subscription, you will miss out on the recipe customization software features, replenishment of spice pods and weekly recipe updates. You will only have access to a limited number of pre-set recipes on the device. Our aim is not just to automate your meals but to dissolve any culinary burden from your shoulders.
What are the costs apart from the $700? What all does it cover?
Apart from the one time payment of 700$, you can also opt in for a monthly subscription plan. The subscription gives you access to spice consumables and software services for recipe customization. It also gives you access to an additional curated set of recipes from various cuisines apart from the 50-60 preset recipes. The subscription pricing details are to be made available soon.
What perks does the $100 reservation fee offer?
By reserving now for $100, you get to purchase the product for a discounted launch price of $700. This limited time offer is only valid for the first 1000 orders. You will also get a personalized limited edition of the cooking robot as an early backer, invites to special events, early access rewards and a chance to cook along with celebrity chefs.
How much does it cost?
The product is priced at $700 for the first 1000 orders. You can currently reserve your device for $100 on our website, and pay the remaining amount upon final launch. This pricing does not include the subscription component comprising of spice consumables, software services, and special recipes.
Can I refill my own spice pods?
Not really- we want to promise consistency in taste without you needing to worry about anything. Every recipe is tried, tested and tasted with these same spices in our labs. If you substitute, we will be in no position to take accountability for the resultant flavor of the dish.
Since it is an open device, should I be concerned about the smoke alarm or splattering while cooking?
We have an active exhaust system that takes care of the smoke/fumes and the device is designed in a way that the splattering is minimum.
How to clean this?
The entire clean-up after a meal shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. All parts that come in contact with food are dishwasher-friendly. Any other grime can be wiped down with a kitchen towel.
What should I do with the device's packaging?
We request you to keep the device's packaging in case you want to raise a return/end your subscription.
How much space will it occupy?
It will easily fit under your kitchen cabinet. It takes up about 20% more space than a standard microwave
Will it work with a standard electrical outlet?
Yes, it works with a standard electrical outlet rated for 15 Amps
How much power does it consume?
Peak power consumption is 1800 Watts
Can I cook dishes that require pressure cooking like lentils with this?
Yes you can. The robot has its own ways of getting around traditional problems- and makes sure the food tastes just the same, had you used methods like pressure cooking.
What if the recipe I cook is not to my liking?
After every recipe you can feed in detailed feedback on the app regarding what aspects you didn't like. The device will make sure to cook it according to those directions the next time.
What aspects of a recipe can it tweak?
You can customise all aspects of a recipe from seasoning, spices, done-ness, thickness/saucy-ness of gravy to swapping ingredients and using what you have at hand.
My payment keeps failing, however, I haven’t been charged yet
This might happen due to issues with the payment gateway – please send a screenshot of the error to care@eatwithnymble.com and we shall send you a direct payment link.
My payment failed but I was charged for it.
The amount will be refunded back to you within 5-7 business days. You can reach out to us at care@eatwithnymble.com in case the same does not reflect.
Trials / Demos
Can I get an in-person demo?
We’ve commenced offline demos in the Bay Area on a weekly basis. Seats are limited. Book your demo here: https://calendly.com/eatwithnymble/ Don’t find a suitable date and time? Request for a demo by reaching out to us at care@eatwithnymble.com
Can I get a virtual demo?
To understand how the robot works and get all your queries cleared, you can sign up for a product demo from this link: https://calendly.com/eatwithnymble/
Can I be a part of the trials?
Currently, all slots for our trials are full. But we will definitely reach out should more slots open up in the order of your reservations! Having said that, you can sign up for a demo instead using the links above.
Orders & Shipping
What is the warranty scheme of the product?
We hope to have more clarity on this closer to the shipping timelines and will update the same then.
When will the product launch in other countries?
We'll be tentatively launching in other locations post our US launch that is set to take place in July 2023. Do watch out for updates!
What is the guarantee that you will deliver?
Once you pay the reservation amount, we will be bound by the Reservation Agreement (https://www.eatwithnymble.com/reservation-agreement) to fulfill the product to you! You will receive a receipt on the email ID used to confirm the reservation, along with regular updates. Additionally, we have a no questions asked refund policy.
When will this launch?
Shipping starts in July 2023. We're currently shipping the beta version of our product in July 2022 across the Bay Area, California. Reserve a copy here (https://www.eatwithnymble.com/early-access) if you’d like to get the product when we launch.
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Pre-Order for $100
Pre-Order perks include :
Special Launch Price of $1500 $700.
Personalized Limited Edition of Nymble.
Invite to cook along with celebrity chefs.
Other early access rewards.
Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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Shipping starts November 2023 in major states of USA followed by other regions.
$100 Pre-Order
$700 for First 1000 orders (Limited offer)
$1500 regular price thereafter
Payment & Refunds
Payments are secured via Stripe & can be full refunded anytime. *Pre-Order fee will be adjusted against final launch price.

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