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An endless list of recipes to ensure that you are always spoilt for choice. And this list never stops increasing.

You’ll get food for your every mood.
Anytime Meals
Different Diets
Mac and Cheese
Mac and Cheese
Warm hug on a chilly day
Souppy Slurppy
Tuesday Office Lunch
Midnight Cheese Cravings!
Fine Dine & Wine
A Sweet Ending!
Health Goals
Thursday Indian Dinner
Thai On My Plate
K-Pop Mood
Warm Hug On A Chilly Day
Souppy Slurppy
Tuesday Office Lunch
Midnight Cheese Cravings!
Fine Dine & Wine
Make a
Get it.
Presenting Genie Mode
Your wish is it’s command. Be it an extra kick of paprika, a saucier pasta or an allergy to peanuts - Nymble will always make recipes just for you.
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Sauce Thickness
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Chicken Fajita Rice Bowl

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Chicken Fajita Rice Bowl
Fried Rice
Aglio Olio
Kung Pao Chicken
Chana Masala
Chicken Fajita Rice Bowl
Fried Rice
Kung-Pao Chicken
Chana masala
eating on
The magic does not stop at cooking. It goes beyond - to meal planning and helping you buy groceries. Your private chef makes your everyday eating just happen by itself.
right to
your door
Nymble partners with grocers to deliver fresh produce right when you need it.
Meal plan
like a pro
Nymble helps you create a custom plan according to your dietary preferences, nutrient needs or just the vibe of the week.
Full control
over your
You are always in control. Already have olive oil in your pantry? Remove it from a recipe’s ingredients list and use what you already have on hand.

Spilling the beans…

Tasting is believing.

Experience the private chef that lives inside your kitchen and takes care of your everyday eating.
See how it works, learn about its ability to customize food for you and taste delectable
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