Meet Nymble

A private chef for your kitchen.

Imagine if you had a chef.
All to yourself. Who could cook your favorite food, everyday.
With real fresh ingredients you trust. Exactly as you want it. And do all of this without you being there.

Yes, magic does happen.
Nymble is a private chef that lives in your kitchen and takes care of your
everyday eating.

All by itself.

How does it work?

It takes 3 simple steps to get to your favorite food. Select a recipe, load in all the ingredients, press cook, sit back and relax. Once your food is ready, dig in!

Tech Legs. Chef Hands.

Nymble is where the artistry of a human chef meets the
marvel of mechanics and technology. Designed and engineered to land the perfect plate of food, every time.
Stainless steel body

open trustful design
Precision engineered mechanism

and cutting edge AI

The food.
Oh. So. Good.

Experience a food high like you have never before. Your
Private Chef will rustle up your favorite dishes and exotic
recipes from the world's best cuisines.

Chana Masala


There’s a lot to love about Nymble

Dishwasher Friendly
Minimal Footprint
Inbuilt Chimney
Kid Friendly

Nymble gets better everyday in every way.

Nymble understands your taste preferences, likings, no-go zones and tailors all recipes accordingly.
The more you cook, the better it gets.
Learns your taste profile
Software Updates
New Recipes
Culinary  AI

But don’t take our word for it

Tasting is believing.

Experience the private chef that lives inside your kitchen and takes care of your everyday eating.
See how it works, learn about its ability to customize food for you and taste delectable
dishes from its menu 200+ recipes.
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