Using Julia is a breeze

We prepared a series of short videos to showcase how you can easily setup Julia to cook and how to clean up afterwards. You'll also understand the way Julia cooks is very similar to the way a Chef would.
Select a Recipe
Choose your favourites from an ever-expanding database
Preparation Steps
Four easy steps lead the way to foodie-heaven!
Prep the ingredients
Follow the instructions on the display to easily prep your veggies and meat
Load the ingredients
Slide the ingredient containers in and let Julia recognize them
Add the spice pods
Load the 6 spices needed to their usual magic
Customise your recipe
Let Julia know your taste preferences!
Press Cook & sit back
While Julia whips up your favourite meal, play with your kids,
go for a run, do things you love
Your fresh cooked meal is ready!
Plate up and Eat up!
Autonomous Mode
As you take a backseat, Julia brings out her smarts to cook the perfect dish.
Dispenses Ingredients
Julia puts in just the right amount of veggies, spices, meat, water at the right time.
The in-built stirrer is more than up to the task of flipping and tossing ingredients of all kinds.
Temperature Control
The thermal camera mounted above the pan measures temperature and helps Julia cook every ingredient perfectly.
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