Our Story

It started when we were young, with pots, pans and mayhem in the kitchen. At that point of time we didn’t realise we’ll be doing this for the rest of our lives. But here we are.

Our lego set was a spatula and a whisk. Playmates, tomatoes and pasta. As young kids with working parents, an empty kitchen was the outlet for all our creativity and crazy shenanigans. We grew up loving food to its last bit and stumbling our own way to discover how it was cooked.
But growing up into working millennials, the reality of everyday cooking was starkly different. Let’s put it straight. It was a continual occurrence to see people struggle to cook at home after coming back from a hard day at work. Working mothers juggling between kids and a stove. College grads fresh into their jobs surviving on an unhealthy junk diet.

Good nutritious food is a fundamental need for physical well-being. You shouldn't have to spend a massive amount of time and effort to put a good meal on the table. Despite massive leaps of convenience in other aspects of our personal life, everyday eating is still broken. And we are trying to solve it.

We believe: people who are busy, people who don't know how or don't like to cook, people with kids, everyone should be able to eat great food every day, cooked just for them.
We started out from a small basement in Delhi, India. And it has taken some while to get here. Today we are a diverse team of engineers specialising in Mechanical Design, Electronics and Software working alongside Chefs & Industrial Design folks.

We still have a long way to go. As they say, all of us are better than one of us.

Be a part of all of us.

Our Founders

Rohin Malhotra

Rohin is a mechanical engineer and led the team that built India's fastest Human Powered Vehicle in school. He also worked on a patent on thermoelectric cooling. Over the years he's taught himself software and leads our technical team. He also has been cooking since the age of 6 and understands the mechanics of cooking. This combination of understanding cooking of food, software, and mechanical engineering is crucial for our domain.

Raghav Gupta

Raghav is an Electrical Engineer with deep industry knowledge from his work in the food ecosystem. His leadership, technical ability, business acumen, and creative vision has propelled Nymble to prominence as a robotics company that is innovating in the food sector.

Our Investors

021 Capital
Waterbridge Ventures
Binny Bansal
Asha Jadeja
Samay Kohli
Akash Gupta
AngelList India
Pankaj Jain
Nalin Advani

Notable Press Mentions

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