Toor Dal

Toor Dal, also known as split pigeon peas, is a staple in Indian cuisine. This humble legume is rich in protein, fiber, and essential nutrients. Toor Dal lends itself to a wide range of mouthwatering dishes, with its delicate, nutty flavor and creamy texture. It is often cooked with a blend of aromatic spices, creating a delightful symphony of tastes that will transport you to the heart of India. This versatile lentil can be enjoyed as a comforting dal soup or transformed into delectable curries and stews. Discover the incredible flavors and nourishing qualities of Toor Dal, a true culinary gem.

How to make Toor Dal


Macro Containers

A - Yellow Onion (3 oz.), Garlic (5 tsp.)

B - Toor Dal (5 oz.)

C - Roma Tomato (4 oz.), Dried Red Chili Pepper (3 pieces)

Micro Pods

Pod 1 - Salt

Pod 2 - Red Chili Powder

Pod 3 - Turmeric

Pod 4 - Cumin Seed‍


Vegetable Oil and Water

Container A
Container B
Container C
Container D
Recipe Directions

Container A:

Dice yellow onions into small pieces, weigh and set aside 6 ½ ounces of it. Finely mince garlic pods into small pieces, use 5 teaspoons of it along with the onions and add to container A.

Container B:

Wash the Toor dal, drain the water. Add 5 ounces of it to container B.

Container C:

Cut tomatoes into medium sized pieces, add 4 ounces of it to container C, along with 3 pieces of dried red chilies (cut into small pieces).

Spice Pods:

Place the spice pods labeled Salt, Red Chili Powder, Turmeric, and Cumin Seed into slots 1 to 4 respectively.

Final Steps:

Check if the pan, stirrer and spatula is placed properly, and if the stirrer is connected to the outlet.

Check if water and oil is filled till the brim of their respective containers. 

Check if sufficient vegetable oil is added in the container, which should be around 22 ml.

Select recipe and portion size.

Tap “start cooking” to begin the recipe.

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