is life changing

Hear from people who use Nymble


I was able to multitask while Nymble was cooking, and do so many things that I am otherwise not able to do. I'm head over heels for it! Nymble taught me more about cooking with the step by step directions and I was really impressed with how much I was able to cook.


I never would have made any of the things I made. Actually, that was funny;  my brother said to me, if you weren’t using the robot, how would you have made this. I said I wouldn’t.


My initial expectations were that it’s a cooking robot. All I need to do is set it and forget it! But it actually exceeded my expectations. My son who is five years old was so excited! He was like I’m gonna cook dinner for everyone and he did!


The quality of the food, the freshness, the taste, was something I enjoyed a lot. Better even, in controlling the ingredients, the amount of fat, the amount of sugar, and not ordering processed food or buying from a restaurant. That is definitely the main advantage.


On top of that, there’s a lot of aging population too here and this would be a godsend for some people who are at their stage in their life or have a need like me. The market is 6.5 billion people really.


It just texts me that it’s done! So I can do my work, come back and have my food. It has solved that big problem of not being close to the food and seeing if everything is done or not. Right from kids to elders, everyone will be able to use this product.


I like Nymble because of its consistency, because of how it stirs the pot and you don’t have to be present near the stove, watching over your dishes. That's a big time saver for me.


The whole process of choosing the recipe, followed by the loading steps - they are designed to be easily understood by kids. Isn’t it great that the kids can now take care of their everyday meals with the help of a cooking robot?


With Nymble, saving time and multitasking while cooking is possible. Once I got the hang of it, using Nymble was very easy, and the prepping got quicker and quicker with time. I think its pretty wonderful how you can start cooking and not have to babysit it!


As a single parent, when you have to do everything by yourself, it helps a great deal. There was a whole deal of excitement around the device and the kids were quite invested in the process. They even ate some veggies that they wouldn’t normally eat.


This is never going to replace cooking for those who indulge in the joy of cooking. But, for people who have to spend an hour or two everyday cooking something they might not need to do. With the robot, you’re getting back time. Now, multiply that with the number of days
in a year. This is a game changer.


For me it's a gadget which helps us save time and leads to eating at home more often since it is easier. Earlier we used to return from work and go out to eat since no one really wanted to cook, but now we are motivated to use Nymble as it saves time.


The food was consistently good, and I felt that even if I tried the same recipes on my own it would not have turned out as good. Everything was perfectly timed and you ended up with consistent, quality products.


Nymble did pretty well on timing the doneness of the ingredients, and the taste was very good. We loved the constant feedback of the team! The quality of the food was fantastic, and the people we invited over were very sold on it!


We are into healthy eating and we cook quite a lot. Having pre-made recipes that you do not have to think about was nice and convenient, we loved that about Nymble. Carefree home cooking!


The fire and forget aspect of it was great. It essentially saves the time spent in front of the stove and seriously helps with time management. Was pleasantly surprised by the Gajar ka halwa. The fact that you can actually make a desert on a pan was a nice addition to things.


The best part was the stirring in cooking, especially when it comes to Indian cuisine, you need to consistently stir some dishes and Nymble takes that away! I think it has a great future and the team is very hard-working and responsive. The cleaning was absolutely easy, and it took me barely 2 minutes.


In the last week, I had 6 guests coming over to see how Nymble worked and it was also a great icebreaker. I know many of my friends who are not into cooking and cant cook well - Nymble would solve a big problem for them!


We often have meetings that bleed out in the evening. We would usually order take out then and that's where Nymble has been really helpful. It made good tasting food and the UI on the tablet was easy to use and intuitive.


With Nymble, we could browse all the recipes and it was an easy way to find something to cook, didn't have to look something up online. We were able to make pretty healthy recipes, which felt healthier than eating out as we knew exactly and was going in and we could control that.