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What are people saying?

Hear from our early access community about how they ate better with Nymble

Phillip Schett

"Starting from the freshness and flavor, I was in complete control of what was going in - whether it was the amount of sugar or the fat content. The quality of food was consistent throughout and delivered, every time. In the one week that we tried this, takeouts and processed food were completely out of the picture."

Alina Belarde

“My initial thoughts were that it’s a cooking robot, just set it and forget. But a surprising outcome was how we were able to exercise portion control. It very well exceeded my expectations. My kids got curious about what to cook on a daily basis to the point where my five year old said ‘I’m going to cook dinner’. The best part was, we ate so many vegetables!

Lori Kaplan

“I love cooking and trying new things. Nymble came in as a new way to discover and try new recipes, without having to actually think about them. I would have never made half the dishes I did, if it weren’t for this. To pick an instance - risotto is one dish that tests my patience, but I just had to load the ingredients and the robot took over in having the rice mull and simmer for over an hour. I even took a bunch of work calls while the recipe cooked itself.”

Sarah Jones

“The novelty aspect dispels cooking from being a chore and brings everyone together in the kitchen. As a single parent, when you have to do everything by yourself, it helps a great deal. Anyone can follow along with the guided pre-recipe meal prep. There was a whole deal of excitement around the device and the kids were quite invested in the process. They even ate some veggies that they wouldn’t normally eat. Sign me up for the betas already!”

Soma Sengupta

“This is never going to replace cooking for those who indulge in the joy of cooking. But, for people who have to spend an hour or two everyday cooking – something they might not need to do. With the robot, you’re getting back time. Now, multiply that with the number of days in a year. This is a game changer.”

Nikita Shah

“This is a blessing when you’re unwell and want familiar tasting food in the form of comfort. If someone didn’t know the dish was made on a robot, they’d definitely think it’s home cooked. I enjoyed that I didn't have to babysit the food. That's the most annoying part of cooking.”