The perfect science in every bite.

Nymble is built like a human chef. And it cooks like one.

Starts with oil...

Pours the exact amount of oil or water whenever the recipe requires so. Exercise control to the last drop.

Adds ingredients..

Nymble has four containers to hold bigger ingredients like veggies, meat, pasta, sauce, grains or anything else and adds them to the pan at the right time.

Stirs well

Stirs and incorporates all ingredients together.
Toss, flip, fold - it knows its job.

Seasons it just right

Nymble has an inbuilt mechanism which precisely measures and seasons the dish according to your liking.

Intelligence Inside

Your private chef is equipped with a range of advanced sensors to control temperature, measure weight and regulate other cooking parameters  to land the perfect meal on your plate.
Every. Single. Time.

Computer Vision

Nymble’s AI enabled camera systems allow it to see - see onions becoming brown, sauce getting thick and rice becoming plump.
These AI driven capabilities continuously get better over time.

Health Goals

Unlock detailed nutrition info and calorie counts
for any recipe you cook with Nymble.

Recipe Tracking

Track the progress of your recipe from your phone. Watch the recipe cook by itself as the ingredients change color, texture, thickness until it is just right and ready to be served.

Suit your tastebuds

Give specific feedback on various taste parameters after every recipe. Your private chef analyzes your inputs and ensures
the next meal is significantly better than the last.

They were skeptical first. Now they are not.

Tasting is believing.

Experience the private chef that lives inside your kitchen and takes care of your everyday eating.
See how it works, learn about its ability to customize food for you and taste delectable
dishes from its menu of 200+ recipes.
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