The perfect science in every bite

How does it cook?

The lean, mean cooking machine

A technological marvel in your kitchen.

Engineered for precision

Nymble pours exactly the required amount of oil or water as per the recipe, giving you full control over what goes into your food.

Automated Ingredient Control

Nymble features four containers for holding larger ingredients like vegetables, meat, pasta, sauce, grains, or anything else, allowing them to be added to the pan at precisely the right moment.

Seamless Stirring Mechanism

With consistent and thorough stirring, Nymble ensures uniformly blended dishes, eliminating the risk of burning or uneven textures in your meals.

Seasoned to perfection

Nymble's spice pod mechanism expertly measures and dispenses the ideal amount of spices for your dishes, guaranteeing perfectly seasoned meals every time.

Sensor-driven culinary symphony

Nymble's array of sensors, including those for weight, flow, and temperature, work harmoniously to ensure consistently delicious food.

AI-Powered Culinary Vision

Nymble harnesses the capabilities of computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to craft perfect dishes using temperature, color, and texture analysis.

Cooking with Nymble

Nymble’s app makes cooking super easy with a suite of handy features.
Load now, cook later
Exchange ingredients,
your way
Your food, your rules
Prep along
Simultaneous prep & cook

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to common questions about Nymble's Kitchen Robot for a seamless, smart cooking experience.
Orders & Shipping
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When can I order Nymble?
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The first batch of Nymble is sold out, and deliveries start in June 2024. We'll start accepting reservations for the next batch at approximately the same time we start delivering the first batch. We'll be sharing more information closer to this date.
When will this launch?
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Shipping starts in June 2024. Reserve a copy here ( if you’d like to get the product when we launch.
When will the product launch in other countries?
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We'll be tentatively launching in other locations post our US launch that is set to take place in June 2024. Do watch out for updates!
What is the guarantee that you will deliver?
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Once you pay the reservation amount, we will be bound by the Reservation Agreement ( to fulfill the product to you! You will receive a receipt on the email ID used to confirm the reservation, along with regular updates. Additionally, we have a no questions asked refund policy.
What is the warranty scheme of the product?
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Nymble comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty to ensure confidence and satisfaction in your purchase.
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Is it kid friendly?
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We're constantly working on making our device more kid-safe and friendly. That said, our early access users have their children cook on the device by themselves and our youngest chef is all of 6 years old!
How many people can it serve at a time ?
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The robot was built for families to eat healthy and fresh food every day on autopilot. Hence, one cooking session can serve up to 4 people.
Could this robot take over my kitchen someday?
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That's the plan! We’re not just aiming to take over your kitchens, but also do away with all your mealtime concerns. So sit back, relax and let us do the cooking!
Are people using this?
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We have 100+ early access users in the Bay Area in California who are continuing to use the beta version of the product.
Pricing & Subscriptions
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How much does it cost?
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Nymble's retail price is $1500. The first batch of Nymble's kitchen robots have now sold out. Orders will reopen post June 2024. Please note that the price does not include the subscription component comprising of additional recipes.
What are the costs apart from the $1500? What all does it cover?
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Apart from the product price of $1500, you can also opt in for a monthly subscription plan. The subscription gives you access to additional recipes. However, the subscription is not mandatory.
Can I use the product without a subscription? What are the limitations if I do so?
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Yes you can. The subscription gives you access to additional recipes. You will only have access to a limited number of recipes without the subscription.
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Can I refill my own spice pods?
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Yes you can! The only caveat is that our recipes are created and tested with a certain set of spices, so using your spices might offer a slight variation in taste.
Since it is an open device, should I be concerned about the smoke alarm or splattering while cooking?
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We have an active exhaust system that takes care of the smoke/fumes and the device is designed in a way that the splattering is minimum.
How to clean this?
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The entire clean-up after a meal shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. All parts that come in contact with the food are dishwasher-friendly. Any other grime can be wiped down with a kitchen towel.
What should I do with the device's packaging?
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We request you to keep the device's packaging in case you want to raise a return/end your subscription.
How much space will it occupy?
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It will easily fit under your kitchen cabinet. It takes up about 20% more space than a standard microwave.
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Can I cook dishes that require pressure cooking like lentils with this?
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Yes you can. The robot has its own ways of getting around traditional problems- and makes sure the food tastes just the same, had you used methods like pressure cooking.
What if the recipe I cook is not to my liking?
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After every recipe you can feed in detailed feedback on the app regarding what aspects you didn't like. The device will make sure to cook it according to those directions the next time.
What aspects of a recipe can it tweak?
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You can customize all aspects of a recipe from seasoning, spices, done-ness, thickness/saucy-ness of gravy to swapping ingredients and using what you have available.

Tasting is believing

Experience the private chef that lives inside your kitchen and takes care of your everyday eating.

Tasting is believing

Experience the private chef that lives inside your kitchen and takes care of your everyday eating.
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The perfect science in every bite.

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Nymble is built like a human chef. And it cooks like one.

Starts with oil...

Pours the exact amount of oil or water whenever the recipe requires so. Exercise control to the last drop.

Adds ingredients..

Nymble has four containers to hold bigger ingredients like veggies, meat, pasta, sauce, grains or anything else and adds them to the pan at the right time.

Stirs well

Stirs and incorporates all ingredients together.
Toss, flip, fold - it knows its job.

Seasons it just right

Nymble has an inbuilt mechanism which precisely measures and seasons the dish according to your liking.

Intelligence Inside

Your private chef is equipped with a range of advanced sensors to control temperature, measure weight and regulate other cooking parameters  to land the perfect meal on your plate.
Every. Single. Time.

Computer Vision

Nymble’s AI enabled camera systems allow it to see - see onions becoming brown, sauce getting thick and rice becoming plump.
These AI driven capabilities continuously get better over time.

Health Goals

Unlock detailed nutrition info and calorie counts
for any recipe you cook with Nymble.
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Recipe Tracking

Track the progress of your recipe from your phone. Watch the recipe cook by itself as the ingredients change color, texture, thickness until it is just right and ready to be served.

Suit your tastebuds

Give specific feedback on various taste parameters after every recipe. Your private chef analyzes your inputs and ensures
the next meal is significantly better than the last.
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They were skeptical first. Now they are not.

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Tasting is believing.

Experience the private chef that lives inside your kitchen and takes care of your everyday eating.
See how it works, learn about its ability to customize food for you and taste delectable
dishes from its menu of 200+ recipes.
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