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Embark on a culinary adventure with an ever-expanding list of recipes. From comforting classics to intercontinental delights, indulge your every mood and savor a world of flavors.
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Recipes curated for you, by you
Personalize your culinary experience with your cooking robot. Customize your taste preferences, gain nutritional insights, and track recipe progress at your convenience.
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Made for you

On a low-fat diet? Or watching your oil intake? Tweak the oil levels of the recipe just as per your need.

Watching your salt intake? Pick the exact salt levels you need with Nymble.

Hate spicy food? Choose just the right amount of spices you need with Nymble.

Swap Ingredients
Swap ingredients like a culinary wizard, and watch Nymble work its magic. Craving a dash of spicy jalapenos instead of regular bell peppers? Want to sprinkle some tangy feta instead of cheddar? Nymble’s got your back. 
Meal Planning has never been easier
The Nymble app offers you diverse ways to keep your kitchen well-supplied well ahead of cooking time, whether you're looking to plan your recipes for the week or a month-long meal planning extravaganza.
Schedule your meals in advance
With Nymble’s cooking robot, plan your eating schedule with impeccable ease. Cook when you want, eat when you want.

Hear it from them
Nymble is life changing

Nymble is life changing for people who use it every single day for their meals.
I would have never made half the things I did if it wasn't for Nymble. Everyday I've been trying something new and it keeps getting more and more delicious!
Nymble transformed my cooking routine effortlessly. Even my girls cook on it daily, always excited to try something new everyday!
Vikas Sharma
Nymble elevates our daily eating experience at home. We don’t even have to splurge on restaurant visits anymore!
Maithilee Samant
We're amazed by the cooking robot's perfection, and the spice levels are just right. Nymble is truly the private chef of our dreams!
Nishant Kumar
Using Nymble's recipe customization feature, I effortlessly upgraded my Vegetarian Pad Thai by adding eggs and a homemade sauce!
Being as skilled as an Indian mom in the kitchen is no easy feat, but Nymble delivers truly authentic dishes and lives up to those expectations!
Portion control is spot on, and the cooking and taste are flawless. It's a groundbreaking innovation that will revolutionize home cooking!
Vijay Vusirikala
Nymble's 'set and forget' cooking approach is truly revolutionary. You no longer have to meticulously obsess over each recipe step!